The Blacksmith

2015 Unity Real-Time Demo

Client: Unity Technologies
Role: Environment Concept Art / Environment Modeling / Texturing

The Blacksmith Real-Time Demo was created with the Unity engine. Check Unity’s Blog for more technical insight on the project!


We were fortunate enough to have the chance of working on the Blacksmith Demo , for which we created a lot of environment models and textures –  including the Blacksmith’s interior, bridge, well structure, viking ships, along with some smaller props and destroyed structures for the village.

The demo was directed by Veselin Efremov and we worked side by side with the rest of the very talented Unity demo team, which can be seen here.

Check the video and the slider below to see more of our work – from the blacksmith itself, the viking ship, the well, the bridge and viking houses, props, decals, etc.

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